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Friday, March 16, 2018

Puffed Wheat Crisps

It's interesting how cereal is often used in cooking. I have seen several recipes with puffed rice or cornflakes used to add space and crunch. This recipe uses something a little different, puffed wheat. I have never been a big fan of puffed wheat but with the addition of sugar and butter almost anything can be delicious.
This recipe is from Christmas Cookies, 1940's.
Nice simple recipe. Just had to get the cereal.
They came together as cute little cookies!
I have to admit to trying to fit as many cookies as possible on a single cookie sheet but you must bake these cookies 2 inches apart. They do not stay cute and little for long!

These cookies were wonderful! They are light, crispy, crunchy delights! They have to cool a bit before removing them from the cookie sheet and then cool completely before munching. I tried one while they were still warm and it was okay. Once they! So Yummy!

My Rating: Keeper!

Friends and Family Rating: "Delicious!" "I want this recipe." This was everyones favorite so far.

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