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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Banana Nut Cake

Am I the only person that has a freezer full of frozen bananas? I can never finish the entire bunch by the time they start to get too brown so they end up in the freezer with all the others. I am not a big fan of banana bread or banana muffins (too boring) and have been looking for another way to use them. The New Antoinette Pope School Cookbook from 1961 offered up this Banana Nut Cake.
 Pretty much the same ingredients as banana bread but it has icing!

 Another difference is the cake flour. But everything else...same old same old.
 It came together very easily...once I full defrosted the bananas.

 Looks like a cake! Smells delicious!!
 Instead of paying attention to the icing itself, I just followed the directions and ended up adding to much liquid. Way too much icing, not enough cake.
 My banana decorations would not stay put!
 Still looked pretty when cut! Yeah!!
I may not be a big fan of banana bread but I love the smell of it filling my apartment! I messed up the icing but that's okay. It tasted like banana bread but much lighter. The cake flour made a huge difference! I also loved the extra bit of moisture and sweetness that the icing added.

My Rating: Yum! I'd make it again for a brunch.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Orange Slice Bars

I am sticking with desserts but decided to move away from chocolate.
But I stayed with the Cookies (all kinds) from 1963. This one promises to be good with summer drinks.
Chopping up the pound of orange candies seemed to take forever! I had to constantly stop to wash the sticky mess from my hands and the knife. I used pecans as the nut meats.
It looks so cool mixed together however I'm curious about the coconut. It could be good or not. Don't get me wrong. I love coconut! But mixed with orange candies?
The pre-baked pan looks a bit boring.
The baked result didn't change much. Still beige. Still boring. Where are the bright orange candies?!
The edges got a touch too browned but they turned out quite nice! They are a little difficult to cut. I blame that on me. My oven is touchy and overcooked these just a bit.
These were an interesting take on cookie bars. They were crunchier than I anticipated and a bit bland. The orange candies were nice bursts of flavor but overall they were not very exciting. The candies did not melt down, as I expected, so you will have to be careful because they will stick to everything.

My Rating: Okay but very beige.

Friends and Family Rating: "Interesting" "I think it pulled my filling out..."

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Chocolate Chip Squares

Well...I had to take a little a break but I am back! And what better way to start again than with a classic with a twist.

This recipe was taken from the 1963 Cookies (all kinds) put out by Wisconsin Power and Light. I love the comments next to each recipe. "---make and eat"...Okay!
 All the ingredients are pretty standard. Lots of brown sugar! I love how both the egg yolks and egg whites are used. I am usually stuck with one or the other left over with nothing to use it in.
 Everything came together pretty easy peasy. You have to love an entire layer of pure chocolate!
 Cookie layer, chocolate layer, brown sugar meringue layer. I was not certain about that final layer.
It baked up beautifully! You must let it cool completely in the pan before cutting otherwise it just falls apart. It is still delicious but it will not cut. You will have blobs and not squares. See the example below:
Letting it cool creates perfect chocolate squares!
 This was an easy, delicious recipe. It is great if you are looking for something just a little bit different but with common ingredients. It is very sweet! (Remember all that brown sugar?) I cut it into smaller squares for myself but let my friends cut their own. Obviously some people can handle more sugar.

My Rating: Keeper! I will definitely be making this again.

Friends and Family Rating: "Delicious!" "Yes, I am eating the meringue. The pan is empty! What am I suppose to do?"