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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Quick Apple Streusel Coffee Cake

 I am kind of embarrassed by how long it took me to post this. I made this ... a while ago. It may have sat in my photos for a month. Maybe. Definitely.

A couple of months ago Dylan and I had bought some apple cinnamon flavored almonds. They were not good but I didn't want to just toss them out so the recipe search began. I added them to some muffins. Not too bad but I wanted to try something from scratch. I had apples that needed to be used and I love a good coffee cake. The quick apple streusel coffee cake from The Modern Family Cook Book, 1953 edition, by Meta Given fit the bill! And I love a good streusel topping!!

No special ingredients needed. I ended up using the apples I had on hand, 1 gala and 1 granny smith. 
Everything looks nice an normal. I decided to chop the fairly large. I wanted to make sure I could taste the apple and not just a hint of it.
Getting everything all mixed together. Melted shortening is gross looking. Just sayin.
Trying to work quickly before my apples start to brown...
All ready for the topping! I am always amazed how beautifully streusel topping comes together. It never looks like it is going to work and then you get a crisp, sweet topping. Wow!
I chopped up the apple cinnamon almonds and sprinkled over half of the coffee cake. Just in case it tasted like crap I would still have half a cake to enjoy. 
So, I totally forgot to take a picture of the baked goodies. I was a little busy. Probably. :) My kitchen smelled like autumn! Apples! Cinnamon! Cake!
This turned out to be a delicious and moist cake. Easy to make and easy to eat! The streusel topping added a nice sweet crunch to the top and even the side with the yucky almonds tasted great. The sugar coating from the almonds probably mixed with the streusel topping while it baked and lost a lot of the candy taste. The almonds added a nice extra flavor. I miss the swirl of cinnamon inside the cake but loved the chunks of apple. Also I thought that it made the perfect amount. Enough for dessert and breakfast the next day and a bit of sharing (if you want) but we didn't end up eating for a week straight. 

My Rating: Easy and tasty. Definitely a keeper!

Dylan's Rating: Great! Could use more cinnamon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Pecan Cinnamon Balls

 So, I have this huge box of cornflakes. I'm not a big cereal fan and Dylan eats bran flakes. Yes, he's kinda strange like that. This huge box (they don't sell them any smaller) is just sitting in my cabinet, staring at me. So I began the hunt. Six cookbooks later I found this recipe in Wisconsin Power and Light Company's 1963 pamphlet Cookies (all kinds). Not super excited about it but the recipe claims it is 'delicious' and, most importantly, it includes a good amount of cornflakes.

Easy peasy looking. Just had to get margarine. Had the cornflakes!
I am little concerned about the lack of liquid. How are these things going to stick together?
He He He. I just thought this was a cool shot. 
Yep. Nothing is sticking together. It is just a large bowl of crumbs. I even tried using my hand to warm up the margarine more but it is not happening.
So, I added more margarine a tablespoon at a time until I got something that I could squish together into a ball. It ended up being almost double the original amount.
But I get pecan balls! They are still crumbly though...
And still crumbly...they are not looking appealing to me but I still have powdered sugar to add.
Oh! These look much better! Almost like Russian Tea Cakes.
They look quite pretty and smell delicately of cinnamon.
They are pretty rocks. I was so disappointed in these. I'm not certain what went wrong but these did not turn out well! It could have been the flour wasn't sifted enough or the cornflakes weren't ground fine enough or a combination of everything. The outside was hard as a rock and the inside just flaked apart. I was not a fan. Dylan like them though. (He also admits that he usually eats the reject cookies so he will eat almost anything.) He enjoyed the light cinnamon flavor and the crunch.

My Rating: Nope. Never again.

Dylan's Rating: Not bad. Not the best but I can eat them.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Salted Peanut Cookies

A couple of months ago one of my aunts contacted me and asked if I wanted two old cookbooks. Of course I wanted them! One is a typed community cookbook and the other is a green spiral notebook filled with handwritten recipes and clipped recipes from newspapers. My dad actually recognized the book from sitting on the shelf of his mother's old house. It is worn and a little water damaged but filled with interesting recipes. The handwritten ones are harder to read and follow the old recipe style: list of ingredients followed by 'mix and bake until done.' I'm not quite ready to tackle one of those! Instead I found a newspaper clipping of a cookie recipe from Ruttger's Lodge. Since I am dating a peanut addict, I thought I'd give it a chance.

Still not certain on the original date but I'm guessing it was started in the 1930's or 1940's and then continues through at least the 1970's.
A hand written cookbook and I decide to go with the printed recipe. But it is suppose to be 'good enough for Paul Bunyan.' 😀
Only had to get the cornflakes! (Now what do I do with a bock of cornflakes?) The most difficult part was hiding the peanuts from Dylan.
Ohhh...butter and sugar...yum!
Dump it all in and mix!
It's a very thick dough. I'm not certain the point of the cornflakes. I kinda feel like they are going to get either crushed or mushy in the baking.
Drop cookies are the best. Not just because they are the easiest.
These cookies spread! I'm glad I left plenty of room because they are large and thin. And they smell soo soo soo good!
These look so good! And smell heavenly!! You can actually see the cornflakes in the cookies. I'm surprised.

These were amazing cookies! Super easy to put together and bake and they tasted wonderful! It made a fairly large batch so you can share them (unless your boyfriend eats them all). I managed to get a couple out to friends before Dylan stole the bag. I might try chopping up the peanuts next time. Maybe. I enjoyed the large chunks of peanut. To my surprise you could actually taste the cornflakes and they added a great flavor and crunch to the cookies.

My Rating: Keeper!

Dylan's Rating: These are my new favorite!!