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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Salted Peanut Crsips

After my last interesting experiment (which everyone who actually tried the cheese straws admits that they were not bad!) I thought I should go for something a little less out there. And my entire office goes crazy for peanuts. This recipe came from Gold Medal Flour's Jubilee Recipe book. It is a collection of recipes from 1880 to 1955 updated for the 'modern' age. I love it!
The recipe looks easy enough and everyone is happy! What a great mom!
 I have no idea why I had a huge bag of salted peanuts, I don't even like them, but worked for me. I did not use butter only shortening. Butter shortening would probably work best. I did not have any.
 There is almost as many peanuts as dough. I hope these actually bake.
 I love the extra sugar on top. You can always use more sugar on top!
 These baked up beautifully but let them cool completely. Crispy is better than soft in this case.
 Ta Da! Beautiful crispy cookies! My kitchen smells like peanut butter. Not a bad thing!

These cookies were amazing! Quick and easy to make and everyone loved them. I thought they were pretty good and would gladly make them again. Everyone else went crazy. They did not last 2 days in the office. The dough was very thick and it took some arm muscles to get everything mixed all together. The amount of peanuts to actual cookie was perfect!

My Rating: Great! Will make again.

Friends and Family Rating: "Best Cookies Ever!" 

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Cheese Straws

My wonderful sister got me this cookbook for Christmas to add to my collection!

Home Helps was edited by Mrs. Sarah Tyson Rorer and was published in 1898 making it the oldest book I have. It is one of the many books printed to promote vegetable shortening, Cottolene in this case, as a healthier alternative to lard. It is full of recipes (of course), household hints, and interesting sayings and quotes about women at the top of each page. For example: "All that a woman has to do in this world, is contained within the duties of a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother." -Steele
Delightfully old fashioned! I am so glad the world has moved on!
 Most of the recipes I try are not this old. Old recipes tend to leave out such information as oven temperature and baking time. I need a little more info than "mix and bake until done." But I had to try something from this book! Cheese straws seem easy enough.
The quote from the top of the page: "There is nothing on Earth to be compared with a virtuous and lovely woman." -Arabian
I had to guess at the amount of cayenne. 'The point of a very small penknife blade" is not very exact! I also realized after taking the picture that I picked up chili powder instead of cayenne. I fixed it later. I didn't have Parmesan so that is a wonderful bit of extra sharp cheddar instead.
I don't have much counter space so there was no way I as putting this directly on my counter. Besides, it looks really pretty in my vintage glass bowl!
 Just throwing everything in together!
I had to dump it out onto my pie mat to knead it better but it was way too dry. So I had to add almost double the amount of cream.
 Finally it became something I could work with.
 It was still too crumbly to roll out so I ended up just making little logs. Worked great!
After 20 minutes in an oven at 350: Ta Da! It said they had to be served with celery. Don't know why.

This was a simple and easy recipe to make however it had an odd flavor. (I think it was the large amount of nutmeg.) They were not disgusting but not something I want to snack on all night either. I put a warning sign on them when I gave them out for people to test. I was pleasantly surprised on how simple they were to make! I may have to try another one...

My Rating: It was a nice step into really old recipes but I will not be making again.

Friends & Family Rating: "Interesting taste. I actually like it." "Not bad but not delicious either."

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Drop Pineapple Cookies

Gotta stick with the fruit! But this time I grabbed a can. It was much easier. Yeah! Wisconsin Power and Light Company published this Cookies (all kinds) pamphlet in 1963. Pineapple seemed like a really weird choice for cookies but why not. This one promises to be dainty...okay. And they are drop cookies. Extra easy to make.
Everything looks normal except for the pineapple.
One small can of crushed pineapple was enough for the pineapple and the pineapple juice. I used walnuts for the nuts but pecans would also work.
Started off very very liquidy.
Still soft! And I actually chilled the mixture over night. No real reason...It was not because I fell asleep on the couch.
 Lovely little cookies and still quite soft. I am a little concerned about how well they will bake up.
 No need to worry. They baked great!
 You can still see little chunks of pineapple.
Yep, they are dainty! And soft and moist and yummy. They have a light fruity flavor and no overwhelming pineapple taste which is great since some people don't like pineapple. Weirdos. They did not last longer than a couple of days due to how moist they are. They started to stick together after 2 days. Once you make them, you have to eat them!

My Rating: Delicious! I wished they kept better though.

Friends and Family Rating: "What is the fruit I taste?" "Yum! Please refill the bag."